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The Voices of Christian Working Moms Book
With Bible Study is now released!

For years I have had many CWMs ask me where the books are about CWMs and Bible studies for CWMs. Sadly, I have had to say there are none. Now, I am excited to share I have written a book entitled, “The Voices of Christian Working Moms” with a Bible Study included.

This book shares the results of over 2,000 women who filled out the CWM Survey. Now their voices are being heard.

Here are just a few questions the book will answer:

What does the Bible say about CWMs?
What age do most CWMs have their first
child? You might be surprised.
Do most CWMs work full-time or part-time?
How can the church support me as a CWM?
Do CWMs feel guilt, if so what do they do?
I don’t want to be a CWM, now what?
I am married CWM, but I don’t have time for
sex. Am I normal?
Is it wrong to do something for yourself as a CWM?
Quiet times are important, but how do I have one?
How do I balance work and home?
How do CWMs decide on childcare and school choices?
I am a single CWM what about me?
Stay at Home Dads and the CWM, the new frontier?


The Voices of Christian Working Moms

without an inscription

for only $14.95


After reading The Voices of Christian Working Moms you will feel encouraged, supported, and embraced. You will hear a Biblical response to the criticism often leveled at CWMs. Your value as CWM in the body of Christ will be celebrated. Find out how God sees you and not what the world or even the church tells us.

Most CWMs state they feel lonely and isolated so I would suggest finding some other sister CWMs to read the book with and complete the Bible study. Together, you can pray for one another and grow as Christians.

This book has been years in the making and it is finally here. God’s timing is always right on schedule. My prayer is this book will encourage and help you grow in your walk with Christ.

Let me share a way to make the book unique to you alone. You can put a special personalized inscription in the book. You can even put a picture of your children on the inscription page or any picture you choose.

You may want to order a book for a friend and give it to her as a gift with a special inscription. You get to have a big part in the design of the book to make it special for you, family, and friends.

To Order

The Voices of Christian Working Moms

with an inscription

for only $14.95 click here.


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